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Financial Specialist / Accountant

Employer Employer PIU AFD, Branch of the JSC Uzsuvtaminot

Information on vacancy
Period of publication 16.03.2023 - 04.04.2023
Field of activity /
Finance, accounting, consulting / Financial manager
Duties The main duties of the PIU Financial Specialist/Accountant include but not limited to the following:

On financial management:
Ultimate responsibility for the Project financial management and reporting;
Establish the Project financial, accounting and reporting system to ensure the readiness of the financial management arrangements;
Operate the financial management system for the Project and maintain project records and accounts according to the generally accepted accounting principles and practices and uzbek legislation;
Participate in preparation of the project's annual budget. Implement financial planning in co-operation with the procurement specialist; control the implementation of annual budget as per the project components, expenditures categories and finance sources
Provide budget implementation and other financial reports to the State Authorities and the AFD as requested
Organize and ensure budgetary control (execution of the budget, utilization of funds, bottlenecks for overall budget performance, etc.), and the provision of timely payments;
Receive, review and summarize the reports of entities in charge and preparation of on-line reports and reports on actual utilization of the Project funds;
Prepare and submit withdrawal applications according to the AFD and MOF (Treasury) respective procedures
Establish and manage the project's Designated Account and ensure that all project accounts are maintained in accordance with the AFD relevant guidelines and regulations.
Prepare requests for Special Commitments, open Letters of Credit, prepare payment orders and make payments from the Designated Accounts.
Prepare the project annual financial statements to be audited and coordinate the audit arrangements of the project and cooperate with the auditors; ensure that all project accounts are maintained in accordance with the AFD regulations; follow up with all audit recommendations and actions to resolve the issues raised in the Management Letter
Ensure accounting of Project expenditures in compliance with the procedures of the AFD and legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Coordinate the preparation of the documents for participants, suppliers and contractors, and regularly receive advance to Designated Account to be able to conduct payments on time;
Due and timely manage the preparation of the documents and reports for the Ministry of Finance and other state agencies as may be prescribed by local legislation requirements;
Prepare all necessary documentation (SOEs, Summary Sheets, etc.) for submission to the AFD to request for replenishment/recovery of the Designated Account on timely basis.
Perform monthly reconciliations between the designated account(s) balance recorded on bank statements and local cash book balance, recorded on the system;
Provide operational and strategic support to the PIU staff on managing and running the PIU activity to ensure timely and due preparation of the project activities and deliverables;
Review and control:
- procurement orders, ensuring their compliance with the budget;
- financial activities and payment terms on all contracts prior to their signing;
- invoices for payment after receiving of acknowledging documents on the terms of a contract;
Work closely with JSC's staff, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade, and other state agencies and local authorities involved in the Project implementation, as well as with the AFD on all the issues of Project financial management in agreement with JSC;
Supervise and ensure due annual and other inventory of procured goods and services;
Participate in the financial management and disbursement related training s and workshops as may be organized by the AFD or other financial and technical partner of JSC Uzsuvtaminot;
On accounting:
Guided by financial decisions establish, monitor and enforce policies and procedures;
Using the concept of internal control, including financial reporting and financial authorities to ensure, that is, monitoring and strengthening, full internal control;
Maintains the integrity of the accounting system, ensures that the program remains effective and functional at all times;
Achieve budget goals by planning expenses; analysis of discrepancies; corrective action;
Compliance with relevant Uzbek legal requirements by examining existing and new legislation; ensuring strict compliance with requirements; filing of financial statements; consultation of the management on the necessary actions;
Control of a centralized accounting system to ensure effective account management;
Ensuring that project accounting policies comply with relevant accounting standards;
Recommend changes that will improve the financial performance of the PIU and financial control;
Read and check any documents (contracts, invoices, acceptance certificates, payment certificates, etc.) that are attached to the checks for approval, for correctness;
Ensuring that all financial statements and tables are correct and accurate;
Reconciliation of all bank statements and monthly financial statements;
Full maintenance of the consolidated accounting report of the PIU including branches in accordance with National Accounting Standards in the 1C software;
Calculation and ensuring the timely payment of wages, including the accrual and timely payment of taxes and mandatory payments; provision of accounting, tax reporting provided for by applicable law;
Preparation of payment and other accounting documents; data entry into the Financial Management System of the PIU;
Preparation and timely approve the PIU budget in the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan each fiscal year;
Control over the spending of funds in accordance with the approved cost estimate;
Keep soft copy of accounting and financial documentation, and weekly archiving of the 1C software database;
Quarterly preparation and submission to Suvtaminoti LLCs the data (advise notes/avizo) on the sample use of funds of investment projects;
Preparation of documents for external audit;
Timely submission of detailed periodic accounting reports on the progress of projects;
Preparation and timely submission of reports to the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Preparation of quarterly progress reports on project implementation jointly with the monitoring specialist;
Other relevant duties as requested.

On Request for disbursement:
Preparation and submission of drawdown requests in accordance with the Credit Facility Agreement;
Preparation and monitoring of Withdrawal Applications;
Preparation and update of annual drawdown forecasts.
Requirements to the candidate
Gender: Irrelevant
Education: Irrelevant
Professional requirements Higher Education in Accounting, Business, Finance or Economics.
At least 7 years of experience in financial management and accounting in accordance with international standards. Extensive experience in financial and commercial management of utilities is needed including performance assessment and capacity building, development and implementation of financial management systems, program/project finance, disbursement, and financial reporting under AFD and/or another IFI's funded project. Relevant experience in managing contract
Fluency in the Uzbek, Russian and English language is required.
Strong interpersonal skills; ability to interact effectively with AFD and personnel associated with this program;
Knowledge of National Accounting Standards, International Financing Reporting Standards and IFIs' financial guidelines is required.
Strong skills in 1C-Accounting system - experienced user.
Knowledge of local regulation requirements in accounting and taxation is required.
Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.
Excellent analytical, planning and organizational skills.
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered
Additional information
Additional information: The Government of Uzbekistan received a loan from Agence Française de Développement (AFD) for the implementation of a centralized sanitation systems and developing associated sanitation services in a sustainable way in the three urban centers of Karmana (Navoi province), Kitab,
and Shakhrisabz (both in Kashkadarya province) (hereinafter Project). The implementation period
of the Project is 72 months.

The specific objectives of the Project are: (i) to provide access to a well-managed sanitation service in the selected project area; (ii) to reduce pollution of the environment, (iii) to preserve
the water resource and to reuse wastewater treated for irrigation, and (iv) to strengthen
the Suvtaminotis' skills to operate and maintain the service and to improve the quality of services.
The project encompasses the following components.


Sub-component 1.1 - Reconstruction and extension of a centralized sanitation system in the city of Shakhrisabz (Shakhrisabz sub-project) - AFD financed

Shakhrisabz (135,000 inhabitants) in Kashkadarya province is equipped with a centralized sanitation system in very poor structural condition and with limited coverage. Only 20% of households are connected to the sewer network, whereas the raw effluent is conveyed and discharged directly
in a watercourse, bypassing a non-functional soviet-era wastewater treatment plant.
The project will provide for the reconstruction of the sewer network as well as its extension (indicative total length: 300 km), aiming at approximately 80% coverage of the population. It will include
the connection of 27,850 households to the sanitation system. It will also provide for the dismantling of the old wastewater treatment plant, and the construction under a Design-Build-Operate contract
of a new facility compatible with the reuse of the treated effluent in irrigation. In addition, the project will cover the engineering services conventionally associated (detailed design, tender documentation preparation, support to tendering process, works supervision).

Sub-component 1.2 - Construction of a centralized sanitation system in the city of Kitab
(Kitab sub-project) - AFD financed

Kitab (45.000 inhabitants), in the Kashkadarya province, is not equipped with a centralized sanitation system. The Project will provide for the construction of a sewer network (indicative total length 140 km), aiming at approximately 80% coverage of the population. It will include
the connection of 10,000 households to the sanitation system. It will also provide for the construction under a Design-Build- Operate contract of a modern wastewater treatment plant compatible
with the reuse of the treated effluent in irrigation. In addition, the project will cover the engineering services conventionally associated (detailed design, tender documentation preparation, support
to tendering process, works supervision).

Sub-component 1.3 - Construction of a centralized sanitation system in the city of Karmana (Karmana sub-project) - AFD financed

Karmana (50,000 inhabitants), in the Navoi province, has been recently equipped with a modern water supply system under an Asian Development Bank-financed project which covers most
of the city. But no centralized sanitation system has been implemented in parallel. The Project will complement the ADB-financed intervention in providing for the construction of a sewer network (indicative total length 140 km), aiming at approximately 80% coverage of the population.
It will include the connection of 12,400 households to the sanitation system. The project will also provide for the construction under a Design-Build-Operate contract of a modern wastewater treatment plant compatible with the reuse of the treated effluent in irrigation. In addition, the project will cover the engineering services conventionally associated (detailed design, tender documentation preparation, support to tendering process, works supervision).

Sub-component 1.4 - Participation to the DBO contract - EU financed

To ensure a smooth know-how transfer and a reliable hand-over from each wastewater treatment plant Contractor to the concerned Suvtaminoti, both contracts for the construction
of a wastewater treatment plant will include the full responsibility for the operation during the first year after the commissioning. The related contracts will be based on the Gold F1D1C form of contract (Design Build Operate contract, DBO'), and adapted to meet the requirements of a short operation phase under the contract. This approach is quite new in Uzbekistan, but key to ensure the sustainability of the operation. Indeed, the newly created Suvtaminoti are young entities with weak technical
and financial capacities and require important capacity development to be able to operate this new kind of infrastructure (especially during the first years). It is proposed that part of the EU-grant serve as an incentive for adopting this sustainable approach. After the first year, the operations of the built infrastructure will be handed-over to the two Suvtaminoti.


A dedicated project Implementation Unit (PIU) within the newly created JSC Uzsuvtaminot will be set, with the AFD approval. The PIU will be responsible of the kick off, the monitoring
and supervision of the Project implementation.
International Technical Assistance (TA) will be provided to Uzsuvtaminot JSC - specifically
to its PIU. The hired Technical Assistance will work closely with the PIU. The TA scope of services will include project coordination and planning, project implementation progress, procurement, contract management, budget and financial management, social and environmental compliance, grievance management and reporting.


Sub-component 3.1 - Capacity development of Suvtaminoti Navoi and Suvtaminoti Kashkadarya

The Suvtaminoti LLCs, formerly named "Suvokovas" are taking over all the duties
and responsibilities of the Suvokovas. The capacity development needs of these new entities remain the same in a wide range of areas, such as : (i) investment planning aimed at renewing assets
and increasing coverage and access (regional investment master plans), (ii) customer management including metering, billing and communication, (iii) asset management including gradual implementation of geographical information systems (GIS) and management of non-revenue water (NRW), (iv) financial management including tariffs revisions and accounting, (v) quality control
and standard operating procedures, etc.

An International Technical Assistance will provide capacity development to Suvtaminoti LLC
of Navoi and Suvtaminoti LLC of Kashkadarya in two areas:
- the above-mentioned cross-cutting areas, in close coordination with other IFIs already involved in the Uzbek water sector, with the objective to improve the JSC Uzsuvtaminot
and Suvtaminoti LLCs general operating performances and consolidate their financial sustainability;
- the project-specific area, i.e. the reliable operation of centralized sanitation systems,
and the development of new sanitation services : operation of wastewater treatment plants, management of industrial effluents including possible need for pre-treatment, conduct
of Information Education Communication campaigns to promote hygiene and connection
to the new sanitation systems, management of connection requests from poor households, handling of by-products (solid waste, grease and oil, sludge), valorisation of sludge (biogas, compost, etc.), re-use of treated wastewater in irrigation, laboratory analytical skills, etc.

Sub-component 3.2 - Procurement of equipment to support operation by the two Suvtaminoti

In addition to the above Technical Assistance services, specific equipment will be procured
to support the two Suvtaminoti LLCs in their operational tasks. The envisaged equipment will fall into two categories:
- Equipment related to the operation of the newly built centralized sanitation systems:
high pressure sewer cleaning trucks, automatic wastewater sampler, H2S sensors, etc;
- equipment related to the need for modernizing the Suvtaminoti operation, in line with the sector reforms under implementation: financial management, broader use of IT, etc

In accordance with the Credit Facility Agreement, the responsible entity for the Project implementation is the JSC Uzsuvtaminot. The Project Implementation Unit established under Uzsuvtaminot JSC is responsible for overall Project coordination and supervision. The PIU located in Tashkent will be responsible for the timely and cost-effective implementation and completion of the Project. The PIU will be responsible for provision of assistance to the JSC Uzsuvtaminot and LLC Suvtaminots in implementation of the Project in procurement, financial management, and other aspects to the extent required, in direct communication with the Bank. The JSC Uzsuvtaminot acts as the Client and is responsible for the implementation of the project, including the execution of works, project management, procurement, security, etc., as described in more detail in the Project Administrational Manual.

The PIU Financial Specialist/Accountant will be responsible for the fulfillment of financial management requirements of the AFD and fulfilling other responsibilities as delegated by the Government of Uzbekistan, specifically by the PIU. This includes inter alia, ensuring compliance with relevant AFD policies and procedures for implementation of project activities for the achievement of the project development objectives.

The Financial Specialist/Accountant in his/her activity shall be guided by:
 Terms and conditions of the Credit Facility Agreement and Grant Agreement signed between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the AFD;
 The AFD rules and procedures described in the AFD guidelines, policies and procedures;
 The Project Administration Manual;
 the Procurement Plan agreed by the AFD and other relevant guidance, directives and procedures of the AFD;
 Legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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