Job in Tashkent, resumes, vacancies. Search for jobs and personnel in Uzbekistan.  
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UzJobs - Job in Tashkent, resumes, vacancies. Search for jobs and personnel in Uzbekistan.  
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Dear employers!
We are glad to welcome your company on our website, and we hope that with our help you will swiftly find new employees who will meet all your requirements.
Advantages of UzJobs services
Х Access large resume database
Х Add and edit vacancies in the blink of an eye
Х Tap the big pool of potential employees
Х Receive swift responses to vacancies
Х Enjoy operative technical support and access personal manager
Х Exploit a wide range of free and paid services
Х Control account balance online
Х Receive bonuses

Registration on UzJobs allows you to use the following services:
Create a business card of the employer
A business card of the employer is an online representation of your company on our website. It allows applicants to receive information about the company's activities and the advantages of joining it, as well as to familiarise themselves with all open vacancies.
Place open vacancies
The publication of vacancies will allow you to receive an unlimited number of responses from interested specialists with detailed resumes, motivational and recommendation letters.
Payment according to the price list
Place anonymous vacancies
Don't want to announce the vacancies of your company? Place anonymous vacancies, substituting the real name of your company with a fictitious one.
Payment according to the price list
Move vacancies to the TOP
Every day dozens of new vacancies are added to the website. This shifts the previously published vacancies to the bottom of the list. "Moving vacancies to the TOP" prioritises your vacancies and places at the top of the list.
Payment according to the price list
Get resume on a special form
Do the regulations of your company require submitting a resume on the basis of an established form? Upload a template on the website and add it to your company's vacancies. Job seekers will be able to download this special application form, fill it out, and send to you for consideration.
Create virtual "Company Reception"
"Company Reception" is a special section of Personal account. It allows you to receive resumes from job seekers who want to work in your company, but have not yet found a suitable vacancy. Such resumes can be ordered into a personal database of interested job seekers.
Use ready templates of letters to applicants
Letters to applicants (invitations for interviews or rejections) are sent on the basis of special templates. This considerably simplifies the process of feedback with the candidates.
Subscribe to resume distribution
This service will allow you to swiftly receive information about new job seekers of relevant fields of activity and positions.
Buy job seeker contacts closed to public access
Don't want to wait for suitable candidates to respond? Or maybe you are not interested in making an announcement at all? Search for the candidates in the restricted resume database. Please be advised that the resumes selected from the database contain full information about the job seeker, except for their contact information. This information could be bought through the website's instant service
Payment according to the price list
Access restricted database
Don't want to purchase contact details of each individual job seeker? Do you want to see all resumes with open contact details at once? Access the restricted resume database, set the search options and find the best candidates!
Payment according to VIP Package conditions
(подробности в персональном кабинете)
Store selected resumes
Through the service of "Selected resumes" you can pick and store the resumes you like. The selected resumes can later be grouped into thematic folders.
Buy documents from section "Manuals for HR officers"
The manuals for HR officers, found on the website, contain a complete list of documents required for managing staff office: templates, application forms, orders, labour contracts, and other internal regulations.
Payment according to the price list

See the price list
If your company is an educational institution, and you are also interested in conducting training courses, workshops, seminars, and other curricula
please read the information provided in section "For study facilities".

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