Job in Tashkent, resumes, vacancies. Search for jobs and personnel in Uzbekistan.  
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UzJobs - Job in Tashkent, resumes, vacancies. Search for jobs and personnel in Uzbekistan.  
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is a specialized, reference and
information source for job search and
recruitment in Uzbekistan.

The owner of UzJobs website is "Informational Rating Agency SAIPRO", on behalf of which the contracts on site services are concluded.

The company was founded in 1999, first in the form of "SAIPRO", and in 2010 it was transformed into "Informational Rating Agency SAIPRO".

It specialises in the organisation and management of major events in the business community (Business Event), as well as in the rendering of consulting services, including financial consulting, management consulting, media consulting, independent rating of insurance companies.

SAIPRO is the founder and active administrator of several media outlets: television, print and electronic.
The main task of UzJobs
UzJobs aids perspective specialists in job search and education and helps companies to hire qualified specialists and provide them with professional development.
Additionally, our website allows you to obtain background information on labour legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan; on interesting publications related to labour market and education; and on the terminology used in HR management.
We are also ready to provide all interested individuals with a wide range of consulting services concerning HR management and records management, labour relations, and labour law.

During its existence UzJobs has been widely recognised
The vacancies of the website are published by the most prestigious employers and successful HR agencies. The list of educational services includes offers by leading study facilities of the country. The job seekers database consists of topnotch specialists. Every day, thousands of users log in on our website, using the services that we offer.

The main feature of our website is that we observe the principles of equality of interests of both the job seeker and the employer.
It is not merely the companies that select employees Ч specialists choose their future workplace as well. We register only the real companies not engaged in network marketing or any kind of prohibited activity. Besides, all vacancies of the website are subject to strict control before publication, which excludes offers from dishonest employers. Resumes of job seekers are protected from unauthorised views.

Interests of employers in obtaining full information about the job seeker are observed completely.
If a resume does not have personal and contact information of the job seeker, as well as the information on his or her education, work experience and so forth, he or she will get a notification with a request to edit his or her resume. Only when a resume has satisfied all criteria set, shall it be allowed to be published in the database of our website.

UzJobs is registered in domain ".uz". It is available in two languages: Russian and English
It is intended first of all for the satisfaction of demand in the local labour market. Many of job seekers of the website are medium- or high-level managers. The majority of employers are authoritative organisations operating in Uzbekistan, including ministries and departments, state concerns, production enterprises, consulting and audit firms, commercial banks, insurance and telecommunication companies, international organisations and foreign representative offices.

UzJobs provides useful information for both job seekers and employers, including:
Х Vacancies for temporary and permanent jobs;
Х Database of highly qualified specialists;
Х Information on training courses, professional trainings and seminars;
Х Information about educational institutions and centres of excellence;
Х Labour legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Х Practical Guide on HR management;
Х Specialised Glossary of terms related to the topic of labour;
Х Publications related to the labour market and education.

All people who are interested in our activities; in the labour market of Uzbekistan; and in the audience of our website are welcome to collaborate. If you are interested in UzJobs services and wish to establish cooperation, contact us on following address:
Location: Uzbekistan, 100015, Tashkent,
st.Bukhara, 26.
Tel / Fax: + (998 71) 232-27-29, 232-27-30, 236-00-55.

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