Job in Tashkent, resumes, vacancies. Search for jobs and personnel in Uzbekistan.  
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UzJobs - Job in Tashkent, resumes, vacancies. Search for jobs and personnel in Uzbekistan.  
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UzJobs website introduces special VIP-packages for its regular users – 16.11.2015 12:08:37
On November 16, 2015 a popular website for job search and recruitment in Uzbekistan - UzJobs (, introduced special package offers for its regular users.
Love Your Ex-Employees and They'll Love You Back – 12.11.2015 15:44:23
Much as war is too important to leave to the generals, love is too precious to entrust to the romantics. So don't. Organizations looking for their people to love them better be pragmatic about their idealism. To do "what it really takes to become a company employees love" requires leaders to ask, "What kind of love do we really want from people?"
Managing Employees During Organisational Change – 05.11.2015 14:24:47
We change due to a mix of eternal and internal factors. Movement in the economy, social advance and market forces may result in a reduction to headcount in certain parts of the business. Some advances may result in the business using communication channels differently to connect with stakeholders, rendering traditional methods obsolete. Internal moves, resignations and retirements might provide organisations an opportunity to review current ways of working and pave the way for improvements.
UzJobs introduces resume notes and job seeker search by salary expectations – 12.10.2015 12:22:29
On October 12, 2015, the popular website for job search and recruitment in Uzbekistan, UzJobs (,, announced it was introducing new free options for employers registered on the website.
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