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Employer ISCAD

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Period of publication 23.01.2023 - 21.02.2023
Field of activity /
Agriculture, irrigation / Manager
Duties Do you want to be part of new and dynamic team intended to become the future driving force to assist the Uzbek government in guiding the transformation of the agri-food sector of Uzbekistan? Are you motivated by the idea of making a positive impact on the lives of millions of Uzbek farmers, agri-businesses and food consumers? If yes, then this job opportunity might be for you!
The International Strategic Centre for Agri-Food Development (ISCAD) a newly established organization under the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan in partnership with the European Union, managing a large portfolio of loan funds provided through various International Financial Institutions such as the WB, ADB, IFAD and JICA - is currently seeking to recruit a high-caliber candidate for the position of the Project Manager. Based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, he/she will be responsible for support of effective implementation of national strategies in agriculture formulating and producing thorough agrifood sector strategies and sub-strategies, based on evidence-based policy analysis and good quality of data.
Jobs with the ISCAD are not intended to be traditional government jobs. Careers at the ISCAD are reserved for innovators with a "can-do", "will-do" attitude, and fresh, modern forward-thinking and outward looking perspectives. The right candidate will be able and willing to work in a dynamic, fast-moving environment, capable of engaging with a wide-range of multi-disciplinary experts and diverse stakeholders, providing leadership and motivation, promoting the design and implementation of actions and interventions that are intended to contribute to real and lasting changes in the agri-food sector at all levels, from farm to fork.

Diversification, modernization and import substitution of agriculture production is currently a priority policy of the Government as stipulated in the Presidential Decree No.2460 on agriculture sector reforms and development for 2016-2020 as well as in the Welfare Improvement Strategy for 2013-2015 (WIS II). Diversification of products, particularly horticulture crops, livestock and related sub-sectors, is expected to enhance rural family incomes and reduce the number of low-income households. This can happen when smallholder producers are effectively integrated into value chains on a sustainable basis, and have developed capacity to produce for the market, especially high value crops. IFAD's experience with the value chain approach in the region and elsewhere suggests that for smallholder producers to participate in value chains for their benefit, roles of the private sector actors are crucial. Traders/buyers, aggregators, processors, exporters and other private players shape to a large extent how the value chains perform. From the viewpoint of smallholder producers (dekhans and small private farmers), conducive partnerships with them present a major opportunity for sustained income augmentation. The Project considers private sector operators willing to invest time and resources to increase value chain competitiveness in a way that also improves the benefits of smallholder producers as 'champions', and will support their efforts to strengthen their businesses. This in turn will result in making the value chains more inclusive to smallholder producers.

Job Description:
The Project Manager heading the ADMP PMU based in Tashkent has the overall responsibility for ensuring the effective management of the Project and achievement of Project objectives. She/he will have overall responsibility for the Project management resources, including finances, personnel, vehicles, equipment and information.

Provide direct supervision of all ISCAD/ADMP PMU staff and provide leadership to them for implementation of the Project;
Hold regular monthly meetings with all key staff and implementing partners to discuss
Project planning, implementation and progress;
Ensure the timely preparation and collation of the annual work plans and the preparation of the annual budgets based on the work plans and ensure that these are submitted to IFAD and Government as stipulated in the Project Financing Agreement;
Ensure the proper implementation of the work plans at the central and regional levels and ensure that staff are properly facilitated in the implementation of Project activities;
Maintain focus on the less socio-economically advantaged, vulnerable and women and youth within the Project area and ensure that they are able to actively participate in Project decision-making and implementation. S/He will ensure that special strategies are developed to ensure their inclusion in Project activities. S/He will ensure that at least 30% of the Project beneficiaries are women;
Ensure proper operation of the Designated Account and ensure the flow of funds as stipulated in the Project Financing Agreement and Project Implementation Manual. S/He will ensure the timely submission of the withdrawal applications to IFAD and ensure the timely audit of all Project accounts;
Ensure that the procurements of all major items are made using the procedures specified inthe Project Financing Agreement and the Project implementation Manual;
Ensure that, as necessary and appropriate, MoUs, Partnership Agreements (PAs) with key Government agencies, regional agencies, NGOs and other specialized institutions are in place for ensuring the efficient implementation of Project activities;
Ensure that a Management Information System (MIS) is established which provides data on progress, outputs and impact evaluation including responding to the information needs of the Project Logical Framework and the IFAD Results and Impact Management System (RIMS). S/He will ensure that all key indicators are disaggregated by gender and youth;
Ensure that the consolidated progress reports are prepared on a timely basis and submitted to all concerned agencies including IFAD. S/He will ensure that the special issues and constraints that affect the less socio-economically advantaged, vulnerable and women and youth are highlighted in Project reports;
Ensure that contracts are executed with qualified agencies for the timely conducting of the baseline, mid-term and Final Impact surveys;
Promote linkages with other Projects and Projects that would help to achieve
Project objectives and maintain contacts with the different implementing agencies, donor projects, and central level institutions and ensure that they are well informed about the Project progress, best practices and areas where there are opportunities for linkages and sharing; and
Ensure that IFAD supervision missions are facilitated and provided with logistic support.
Being fully familiar with IFAD's Rural Finance Policy, IFAD's Decision Tools for Rural Finance and other relevant IFAD's policies and documents, and specific objectives and targets of the Inclusive Rural Finance Component of ADMP.
Checking eligibility criteria for participating financial institutions (PFIs) and end-borrowers in accordance with project design and monitoring the adherence to these criteria.
Disseminating information to PFIs about ADMP Inclusive Rural Finance Component, its targets and requirements.
Checking PFIs' credit applications prepared in accordance with the project design and investment guidelines and submitting them for review of the PMU investment committee.
Participating in the selection of PFIs for the component implementation, including the preparation of the necessary documents for the Selection Committee.
Documenting PFI selection and the process of checking against eligibility criteria, as well as other relevant communication with PFIs.
Managing PFIs' funding requests and disbursement projections, ensuring that they are aligned with the project implementation plan.
Setting-up and maintaining databases for PFIs and end-borrowers in accordance with the project design.
Managing portfolio reporting activities of PFIs per the project design on the basis of information received from the PFIs.
Monitoring PFIs' compliance with provisions of the Subsidiary Loan Agreements.
Monitoring PFIs' focus on project targeting and regular communication with PFIs to ensure the project targets are being met.
Monitor PFIs' lending practices, including delinquency management practices, on the basis of information received from the Regional Rural Finance Officer.
Supervising and coordinating the activities of the Regional Rural Finance Officer (including the development of work plans, schedule of monitoring visits etc.).
Creating and maintaining summary reports on the basis of information received from the Regional Rural Finance Officer (such as reports on results of monitoring visits, relevant customer files, success stories etc.).
Carrying out monitoring procedures on the basis of information received from the Regional Rural Finance Officer.
Supervising periodic reports (at least semi-annually) on the progress of Component 2 implementation based on information received both by the Head Office and the Regional Office.
Requirements to the candidate
Age: Irrelevant
Gender: Irrelevant
Residence: Irrelevant
Education: Higher
Higher education in international relations, law, political and/or administrative science, economics (at least University Degree);
At least 5 years of work experience in the project management;
At least 3 years of proven experience in formulation of evidence-based policies and strategies in the field of agri-food;
Experience in collaboration and negotiation of programmes with foreign countries, international organisations and IFIs;
Knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, of international legal acts on development of agriculture and its branches and ability to apply these documents in practice;
Excellent knowledge and understanding of agri-food sector dynamics;
Broad knowledge of government policy development and planning processes;
Competence in management of projects and/or development, drafting reports and policy briefs, process design and implementation;
Familiarization with monitoring and evaluation techniques and methods;
Management experience and team building skills;
Excellent analytical skills and judgment skills;
Ability to analyze and interpret complex information;
Excellent knowledge of English is a prerequisite;
Required Languages: Uzbek or Russian and English (international experts fluent in English only are welcome to apply);
Ability to effectively use information and communication technologies (ICT) and computer literacy/knowledge of MS Office package (Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point).

Communication in effective and credible way.
Moving forward in a changing environment.
Promoting innovation and organization learning.
Creating and empowering and motivating environment.
Ensuring the effective use of resources
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered to be discussed

This is a full-time position, open to Uzbek nationals and those authorized to work in Uzbekistan. The successful candidate will be offered a competitive salary and benefits package, professional development trainings, and the potential for career growth opportunities within the MoA.
Additional information
Additional information: All hiring decisions are made on the basis of appointment requirements, merit, and individual qualifications. ISCAD is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality, background and culture and creating work environment free of all forms of discrimination, harassment, and abuse of authority. All candidates will be selected based on the appointment matching and rigorous background checks. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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Ikhtiyor Kutliev
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