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UzJobs introduces resume notes and job seeker search by salary expectations

12.10.2015 12:22:29

On October 12, 2015, the popular website for job search and recruitment in Uzbekistan, UzJobs (http://uzjobs.com, announced it was introducing new free options for employers registered on the website. 

Thus human resource managers have the opportunity to attach to each resume, either accepted for the vacancy or selected from the general database, their own comments on the candidate, using a special field of “My personal notes”. This field may be utilised for preliminary or summarising assessment of the candidate’s competence, as well as for interview date, interview outcomes, opinion exchange, and others.  

“Our task was to release HR Managers from the necessity of leaving notes about each candidate on paper slips, for example on resume printouts and stickers… Such papers are easy to lose in a pile of documents, but electronic notes do not get lost. Upon being created, they are automatically attached to the resume and rest with it so long this resume is stored in the Personal Account of the company. These notes may be edited, deleted or recreated. We believe that this simple yet comfortable option will prove useful for our users,” says Tamila Kuchkarova, the Head of UzJobs project.

The website’s search system was also modified. Search parameters in UzJobs general database have recently been complemented with the specification of salary expectations. 

“Salary expectations are one of the most important criteria for employers, as it allows them to match their salary possibilities with financial requirements of the respective specialists. While addressing us, HR managers often mentioned the need for such a search option while working in the general resume database. And we are delighted to inform them that this option has already been introduced,” said Darya Shabanova, the Manager of UzJobs project. “And we wholeheartedly welcome further suggestions from our users.”

MEMO: UzJobs (http://uzjobs.com is one of the first websites for job search and recruitment in Uzbekistan. It was launched in 2000, and over 15 years of stable work, UzJobs has become the most popular on-line resource within the bracket of job search and recruitment in Tashkent and Uzbekistan. Over the period of its operation, UzJobs has repeatedly changed its appearance, sections functionality, navigation, list of services, and pricing policy. However its main objective has remained unchanged. UzJobs keeps on assisting specialists in jobs search and personal development, as well as helping the companies to search for employees and provide professional development.

The vacancies on the website are provided by the most prestigious employers and successful HR recruitment agencies; the list ofeducational services includes offers by leading educational institutions of the country, resume database contains best candidates – experienced professionals, young specialists, and perspective graduates.  

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