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Order RECRUITMENT SERVICE in our company, and our team will take the job of searching and selecting specialists.

We may be useful if:

Recruitment Ч services on search and selection of qualified specialists.
Х Your organisation does not have a specialist who would search for personnel.
Х You are focused on resolving important tasks and are willing to entrust personnel selection to recruitment experts
Х You are limited in time and you need the vacancy filled within tight deadlines.
Х You need a specialist of a certain qualification, but the search of candidates in open database yields no results.
Х You want to expand your pool of candidates and attract best specialists in the sphere from other companies.

We will help your organisation to select the right specialists, on time and with best quality.
If you wish to use our recruitment services, please let us know through the preliminary request provided.

The process of recruitment service consists of the following steps:

Step 1.
Conducting preliminary consultation

In order to receive information about our company's regulations on personnel search and selection and in order to conclude recruitment contract, you may contact our specialists through the following telephone numbers:
+(998 71) 236-00-55, 232-27-30, or you may fill in the preliminary request
(in this case our specialists will contact you).

Step 2.
Filling in Application form for specialist selection

After the preliminary consultation, you will be asked to fill in an Application form for specialist selection, which will include the description of the vacancy and the requirements that the candidate ought to meet (download Application form). Once filled in, the Application form should be sent to our company's office via fax: +(998 71) 236-00-55, or via an e-mail:

Step 3.
Signing recruitment contract

Upon studying the Application form for specialist selection, our specialists will contact you to sign the contract on recruitment.

Step 4.
Searching and selecting candidates

Upon receiving mandatory prepayment, we start searching for and selecting the required specialist. The search is conducted on the basis of the data on UzJobs website; restricted database of our company; responses for vacancies announcements published in mass media; other sources of information. At your request we may provide a report of the progress made.

Step 5.
Choosing candidates

Whilst working on your order, our specialists will provide you with the resumes of the candidates, who correspond with your requirements and have successfully passed the interview stage. Should you be interested in the candidates, we shall organise a meeting and an interview with them.

Step 6.
Hiring candidate

Upon your approval of any of the candidates, the recruitment service shall be considered rendered. In the course of 3 (three) days from the moment of signing employment contract with the selected candidate, the bilateral act on services rendered shall be signed and the bill on the remainder of the sum put forth by the contract shall be presented.

Step 7.
Additional guarantees

In the event that the candidate hired should not meet your expectations and should not pass the trial period, we shall substitute him or her with a new candidate. We shall conduct the replacement free of charge and at short notice.

Recruitment service shall be priced as follows:

Recruitment service is rendered on a contractual basis. The contract price is proportionally defined for each individual case, depending on the volume and complexity of work executed and on the time period within which the order has been executed.

Conditionally, the cost of service equals to the salary (the sum of wage) of the candidate hired.
The following factors may alter the cost of service:
Х the rarity of specialty (post) of the vacancy announced;
Х the urgency of the order;
Х hiring several employees for one post or specialty;
Х additional skills of the candidate, specific requirements to them;
Х simultaneous appointment of the applicant for several specialties (competencies).

Preliminary request:

Company name:

Contact person:

Phone number:


Specialists required:

Enter the numbers in the box:

  You can also contact the managers through the following contacts:
71 236-00-55, 71 232-27-30, 71 232-27-29, +998 95 146-31-30

The company's office is located at:
100029, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Bukhara St., 26,
landmark - the Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Alisher Navoi.

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