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BAT Uzbekistan

Company Description
Region: Tashkent, Samarkand, Urgut
Branch /
field of activities:
Food industry / Tobacco products
Description: British American Tobacco has been operating on the Uzbekistan market since 1994 and employs more than 1,000 people. Total investments of British American Tobacco into the Uzbek economy exceeded US$ 300 million.

BAT Uzbekistan's portfolio includes such well known international brands as Kent, Pall Mall and Viceroy.

The majority of marketable in Uzbekistan cigarettes are manufactured at Samarkand Cigarette Factory. Samarkand Cigarette Factory was constructed in 1997 and equipped with the newest high technological machinery. Potential production capacity of the factory is 20 billion cigarettes a year, and its capacity allows fully supplying the local market and providing the neighboring countries with a high quality product.

British American Tobacco Uzbekistan also deals with the processing and export of tobacco leaf. The company has close contacts with farmers of Samarkand region, due to what mastered competitive Oriental types of tobacco Izmir, Basma, Dubek as well as the famous Virginia type processed at Urgut Fermentation Plant. For today Uzbekistan tobacco is exported to over 10 countries of the world including the USA, Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa, and Russia.

Quality management systems of Cigarette Factory and Urgut Fermentation plant were certified to the compliance of ISO 9001.

British American Tobacco Uzbekistan aims to operate responsibly on all stages of its activity. The company realizes a number of social projects such as the "The dreams come true" by submitting grants to the students from tobacco growers families, project "Artesian wells" for supplying drinking water, projects aimed on support and reconstruction of cultural and historical places and many others.
Benefits of working in the company: We aim at being the best employer, making efforts to attract to the work in company people, who are capable of realizing their potential and provide long-term success to our company. Our approach to work with personnel is based on the following principles.

To be the best

We aim to become a leader, and our strategy of personnel recruitment is based on the principle of attracting truly talented people – people who can introduce noticeable contribution in the development of our company.

Professional growth

We set before the employees tasks demanding from us maximum self-efficiency, and offer unlimited opportunities of career growth to those who achieve high outcomes. The company encourages maximum development of employees' potential. We expect that you will take responsibility for your own career, and we in our turn will offer tools and programs that will help you.

Encouraging individuality

In BAT Uzbekistan there is no stereotype of an ideal employee. Encouraging of individuality – our key to success. We would like our employees to use their personal qualities for finding new, unusual approaches to the solution of issues.

Team spirit

We consider that the basis of our success is effective work of united teams. We are united with the aim to win. We aim to create corporate culture, enabling exchange of experience at the international level, development of creative thinking and using different approach in task solution.


We offer one of the most attractive compensation packages on the labor market. The proportion of reward depends on individual outcomes of employees work and activities of the company on the whole.

Social package

We offer employees competitive social package, including medical service, transportation benefits and food, provision of sport and other social facilities for the employees and many other.


We provide our employees broad opportunities for further professional growth, attracting for this purpose internal and external resources as well. It includes professional and management trainings, short-term and long-term probations, during which the employees get invaluable experience overseas, and what is not less important is on the job training.

International career outlooks

Our task is the search of such employees who are capable of developing not only within one market or department. Our colleagues make their contribution in global company development.
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