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Contract Management Specialist

Employer RRDP

Information on vacancy
Period of publication 11.10.2018 - 24.10.2018
Field of activity /
Duties Scope of Work and Expected Deliverables
The assignment will have two main tasks:

Task 1. Procurement
Х Assisting with the preparation and implementation of all procurement activities under RRDP, including procurement of consulting services, equipment, civil works, goods and materials in compliance with the requirements indicated in the financing agreement.
Х Preparing, jointly with the PIU's Procurement Specialist, reports on RRDP procurement activities to the Government of Uzbekistan, the World Bank, and other authorities, as required.
Х Ensuring that prequalification, tender documents, evaluation reports, minutes of tender committee meetings, contracts, contracts for financial and audit reporting, and other documentation related to implementation of the RRDP are adequately prepared and safeguarded.
Х Assisting with the organization and process of tenders for RRDP activities, which involves, but may not be limited to, the following:
1. Revising and updatingRRDP's Procurement Plan in close cooperation with the Procurement Specialist, PIU Director and Financial Management Specialist;
2. Drafting general procurement notices, specific procurement notices and requests for expressions of interest, and arranging for their publication in national media-sources and other relevant resources for RRDP;
3. Jointly with the PIU Procurement Specialist, developing prequalification, bidding documents and requests for proposals;
4. Jointly with the PIU Procurement Specialist, providing clarifications, as may be requested by bidders during tender processes;
5. Preparing documents for consideration by the tender committee, assisting with bid evaluations, preparing evaluation reports,and recommendation for award based on decisions by tender committees;
6. Assisting withtransferring procurement-related documents to the World Bank that are subject to prior review, as per RRDP's Procurement Plan, and ensuring that comments received are properly incorporated;
7. Publishing contract award information in accordance with relevant guidelines; and
8. Handling procurement-related complaints, including adequate logging and recording, notifications, and preparing responses.
Х Input into bidding documents, clarifications and bid evaluation reports; and
Х Input into project progress reports.

Task2:Contract Management

1. Responsible for preparing contract, assisting the PIU to regularly monitor and evaluate civil works contracts.
2. Participation in contract negotiations.
3. Expertize of contracts, provides risk management in contracts, preparing recommendations, administering concluded project contracts and participation in development of annual project implementation programs.
4. Assisting in the management of project reporting data, administering project documentation and records, controlling schedules and project payment amounts.
5. Collaborating with Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers, and ensuring the execution of their obligations within the allowed jurisdiction.
6. Reviewingcontractors and consultants progress reports, monitoring civil works to ensure that construction time-frames are met according to schedules submitted by Contractors through implementation of a simple Contract Management System.
7. Managing questions among all project participants, including with local and state powers within the limits of PIU / RRF jurisdiction.
8. Assisting Contractors in the settlement of questions that lie within the jurisdiction of local and state powers.
9. Processing complaints, applications, and claims from local and state powers received during construction.
10. Overseeing project implementation and ensuring contractual obligations and other requirements are metwith national legislation on construction issues with site visits, monitoring progress, and assisting in the resolution of disputes during construction.
11. Preparing draft amendment to the contracts;and
12. Participating in the preparation of project progress reports to be submitted to the World Bank.

Х Timely updates of workplans to enable project progress to be monitored;
Х Monitoring and documenting qualitative and quantitative progress of works;
Х Developing and introducing a contract management system for RRDP activities;
Х Preparing project progress reports to be submitted to the World Bank.

The Consultant will report to the PIU Director, but work closely with and take technical guidance from, the World Bank Team.
Requirements to the candidate
Age: N/A
Gender: Irrelevant
Residence: Uzbekistan
Education: Higher
Professional requirements Education:
A graduate degree in economics, law or civil engineering,and professionally qualified.
Specific Experience:
a) A minimum of ten (10) years' experience in contract administration, with particular expertise in the use of FIDIC (Red Book) conditions of contract.
b) Experience working with World Bank, Asian Development Bank or other International Financial Institution (IFI) supported projects, particularly in implementation of civil works.
c) Knowledge of Uzbek procurement laws, regulations and standards.
d) Strong oral and written English language skills.
e) Experience supervising civil works contracts preferred.
f) Strong communications and negotiation skills and persuasiveness in presenting, discussing and resolving difficult issues, both orally and written.
g) Proficiency in standard and specialized computer skills, including Word, Excel, electronic mail.

General Experience:
Experience in the road sector and World Bank or IFI procurement and contracting policies. Familiarity with similar IFI projects and World Bank procedures/guidelines.
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered N/A
Additional information
Additional information: Background
Despite its strategic location at the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan today is characterized by low market access and connectivity. High transportation costs and long distances to reach major economic centers limits Uzbekistan's ability to exploit its vast agriculture potential to export to large consumer markets in China and Europe, as well as to integrate into the global value chain.

The Government of Uzbekistan (GoU) is currently implementing far-reaching reforms to improve the efficiency of public sector investments and service delivery mechanisms in various sectors. GoU also plans to improve connectivity both domestically and internationally, foster greater regional cooperation, and improve domestic connectivity and its hinterland access.

The rehabilitation of the regional road network is a priority for GoU. To support this priority, GoU signed a loan agreement with the World Bank (IDA) to implement the Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), which will rehabilitate and improve around 300km of local roads the in the Tashkent Region and in the three regions of the Ferghana Valley. Feasibility studies and engineering designs were prepared by local design institutes. Environmental and social safeguard documents were also prepared in parallel with the feasibility studies in July 2016. However, due to delays in the tendering process, the social safeguard documents will need to be updated before works can be carried out.
Objective of Assignment
The objective of this assignment is to support the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) within the Republican Road Fund (RRF) to improve the quality of project implementation. For this, RRF intends to use part of the loan to mobilize an individual consultant to assist in the process of procuring and managing contracts financed under RRDP: (i) assisting the PIU's Procurement Specialist in all aspects of the procurement process; (ii) assisting the PIU, particularly the Director and Highway Engineer in implementing, monitoring and supervising civil works contracts under RRDP; and (iii) assisting the PIU in overall project management and the preparation of required progress reports.

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