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UzJobs - Job in Tashkent, resumes, vacancies. Search for jobs and personnel in Uzbekistan.  
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Please, read the complete list of paid services of our website and the prices for them.
Choose between the price list for companies and the price list for job seekers.

Please, be advised that we have a comprehensible system of bonuses, which allows our subscribers to receive bonuses whilst making payments.

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The current price list for job seekers

ATTENTION, PROMOTION! A 5% discount available from 1 January to 1 March 2017, when funding the account. Current prices are presented without discounts.
Tariffs for subscription services on the website are set
in conditional payment units - points.
1 point = 2 000 soums
How to pay?

Name of the service Price per unit
In payment units
of the website
In money
Send resume to the virtual "Company Reception" 1 points 2 000 soums
Move resume to the TOP 1 points 2 000 soums
Grant public access to resume
Standard period of service: 30 days
5 points 10 000 soums
* Post resume in the advertisement section of the website
Standard period of service: 15 days
(only available with
"Grant public access to resume" service)
5 points 10 000 soums
Enable confidentiality of resume 5 points 10 000 soums
Buying documents in section "Manuals for HR officers"
Templates of model forms 4 points 8 000 soums
Templates of applications 3 points 6 000 soums
Templates of orders 5 points 10 000 soums
Templates of employment contracts 8 points 16 000 soums
Templates of forms on evaluation and attestation 10 points 20 000 soums
Templates of local normative documents 30 points 60 000 soums
Templates of documents on labour protection 5 points 10 000 soums
Templates of job descriptions 15 points 30 000 soums
Attention! When making announcements on the website:
Price per unit represents the price for one language version of the website.
Recalculation of the cost of publication for the unused period is not made!

Bonuses to registered users
The Subscribers who have effected the prepayment of 20,000 soums or more receive awards through additional number of points. The points are transferred through the system of the website to the personal account. The number of bonus points awarded depends on the sum of prepayment and is set in strict accordance with the values shown below:

The sum of prepayment Bonus (number of bonus points transferred to personal account)
Over 20 000 soums + 10% to the total sum of prepayment
Over 50 000 soums + 20% to the total sum of prepayment
Over 100 000 soums + 30% to the total sum of prepayment

The sum of bonus points is transferred to the user's personal account upon effecting prepayment and depends on the sum ofcurrent transfer. Previous prepayments and the current account balanceare not taken into consideration.
Bonus points are only valid while using the services of the website and cannot be exchanged for money equivalent on any conditions!

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