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Individual Consultant

Employer Goskomzemgeodezcadastr

Information on vacancy
Period of publication 08.09.2018 - 07.10.2018
Field of activity /
Services / Consultant
Duties Individual Consultant to Study the Prospects of Implementing Distributed Database Technologies in Real Property Management System
The tasks and services to be provided by the consultant will include the following:
Х Review and analysis of the existing real property database to study the possibility of implementing distributed database technologies, e.g. Blockchain or alternative technologies;
Х SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of piloting the Blockchain technology or alternative database technologies;
Х Evaluation of the required resources for the implementation of the Blockchain or alternative database technologies in real property management system;
Х Design piloting of the distributed database technologies like Blockchain, and other alternatives to ensure security and resistance to modification of the stored data in the real property management system.
Requirements to the candidate
Age: Irrelevant
Gender: Irrelevant
Residence: Irrelevant
Education: Irrelevant
Professional requirements The work within the framework of this consulting task will be carried out by the Consultant in close cooperation with the employees of the subordinate enterprises of Goskomzemgeodeskadastre and PIU. The consultant should be able to perform the assignment within the required period (the Consultant should clearly indicate this in his proposal) and have the following qualifications and experience:
Х A graduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or Software Engineering
Х Relevant proven experience in distributed computing, distributed databases and cryptography, including the analysis, design and implementation of distributed databases, e.g. Blockchain or other alternatives;
Х A minimum of 5 years of experience as a software developer
Х Expertise in one or more of these object-oriented programming languages: C++ Go, Java or Python
Х Proven experience in the field of business process modeling, workflow management systems (WMS), business rule engines and document management systems;
Х Very good conversational and written English and Russian language skills, as well as good general knowledge of the Uzbekistan IT and real property context;
Х Experience in projects funded by government agencies or donors will be preferable.
The consultant should submit:
Х Evidence demonstrating education, qualifications and experience Required professional qualifications and experience' section above;
Х Methodology to undertake the study;
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered To be discussed
Extra motivation Goskomzemgeodescadastre will provide the Consultant with access to:
Х Regulatory and legal framework and internal regulatory and legal documents related to the implementation of this assignment;
Х The database where a pilot project needs to be implemented.
Additional information
Additional information: The MRPRC project's objective is to establish an efficient and accessible real property registration and cadastre system in the Republic of Uzbekistan as part of the national eGovernment structure and services.
An individual consultant (hereinafter referred to as the Consultant) will be hired to provide consulting services under the MRPRC project, the main purpose of which will be to study the feasibility of implementing distributed database technologies in the real property management system in Uzbekistan to ensure security and resistance to modification of the stored data. These may include technologies like Blockchain, and other alternative technologies, and the study should examine the opportunities offered as well as the risks of implementing such data management technologies. Following completion of the study, its outputs will be evaluated to determine if further work is required, including proceeding with a pilot of the Blockchain technology.
The MRPRC project will achieve this by: (i) improving business processes and customer orientation in the real property register and cadastre; (ii) creating a fully digital integrated real property register and cadastre system that is accessible online to the public; (iii) improving the regulatory and operational environment of the real property register and cadastre; (iv) facilitating spatial data access, exchange and sharing at the national level; and (v) raising awareness on the importance of real property rights.According to the preliminary estimate, the scope of work and tasks under the consultancy should be fulfilled within two (2) calendar months, and the Consultant will be hired for a period of 3 months for their implementation.

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