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National Consultant on Child Care

Employer UNICEF

Information on vacancy
Period of publication 14.02.2017 - 28.02.2017
Field of activity /
Duties National Consultant on Child Care.


According to official data , there are about 24,672 children in residential institutions, 62 per cent of them boys. A 2014 study on children in institutions showed that only 14 per cent were orphans, while more than half were placed in residential care due to socioeconomic difficulties faced by their families. The bottlenecks contributing to institutionalization are mainly related to malfunctioning gate-keeping system in districts and a lack of a comprehensive services that would meet the needs of vulnerable children and families. The study also showed gender inequalities, including domestic violence, as driving factors.

In general, social services that target children in need of protection tend to be reactive rather than preventive. The emphasis is placed on response services, particularly on institutionalization. Institutional care is a predominant means rather than a measure of last resort in the child care system of Uzbekistan. The child protection system still lacks a coherent national strategy that clearly identifies accountability structures and functions of Guardianship and Trusteeship and other state bodies dealing with child protection issues as referral and service provision bodies at local Authorities level. The system is also in need of case management standards development, statutory guidance and protocols to identify and analyze the needs of children living in difficult circumstances, procedures for service delivery through well-structured inter-agency and inter-Ministerial linkages. It also lacks social workers and interoperable information management system on children left without parental care.


In order to mainstream protection through enhancing the capacity of the bodies of Guardianship and Trusteeship and social work case management practice into their operational context in priority Regions, UNICEF in Uzbekistan is seeking technical assistance on the child care component of Child Protection Programme. The incumbent will be providing assistance to the Committee on Women and the Ministry of Public Education (MOPE) at national and regional levels focusing on the identification of Child Protection issues during assessments and programme implementation, practical application of Child Protection mainstreaming principles and the use of Child Protection referral pathways in ways appropriate to the complex context of Uzbekistan. In particular, the expert will be responsible for assisting the Ministry of Public Education in designing and implementing the database system improvement through conceptualization and development of data modules. She/he will also conduct capacity assessment and capacity building activities in priority Regions of the country to ensure overall effectiveness of the modelling by the Committee on Women and MOPE, to deliver on the child care objectives under the framework of approved Multi-Year Work Plan 2016-17 for Child Protection programme.


Specifically, the objectives of the current national consultancy are provision of assistance to:
• implement and adjust interventions to model a family and children support service in two priority regions of the country;
• design and implement the data base system improvement concept of the Guardianship and Trusteeship bodies at district level;
• develop methodology of functional analysis study and improvement of functional responsibilities of the bodies of Guardianship and Trusteeship at all levels;
• strengthen social work academic education and pre and in-service training on social work for child protection professionals

Tasks and Deliverables:

It is expected that national consultant will perform the following tasks and deliverables in the given timeframe.

1. To provide technical assistance to the Women's Committee and Regional Authorities in conceptualizing functions for provision of family and child support services of Women's Counseling Centers
2. To assist Child Protection Specialist in implementing developed child care sectoral programme document, work plans, TOC strategies, internal and external planning forms, programme and projects
3. To develop a concept note on the review of functional responsibilities of the Bodies of Guardianship and Trusteeship in light with international child care standards and costing of introduction of social work case management into their mandate
4. To conduct preliminary mapping of child protection statutory and community based organizations with their interventions concerning children deprived of family care and children living in difficult life situations
5. To support development and maintenance of data collection on children left without parental care and children in alternative care and to produce regular trends analyses based on the data received
6. To assist international consultant and national partners in carrying out the review of functional responsibilities of the Bodies of Guardianship and Trusteeship, plan and implement interventions based on the recommendations of the review
7. To provide quality assurance for social work training materials adjustment, capacity building interventions and supervision of family and children support services provision within modelling of social services for socially vulnerable families and children
8. To conduct monitoring of social work academic teaching and social work related pre-service and in-service trainings to improve social work teaching and application of practical tools
9. To assist international consultants to develop standardized social work case management forms, reporting formats, referral criteria, tools and procedures in collaboration key stakeholders for its introduction into the activities of child protection bodies
10. In cooperation with an NGO and MOPE, to facilitate conducting capacity building activities on social work case management for child protection practitioners in priority regions (using developed social work forms and assessment tools)
11. In consultation with M&E Unit to collect the data against the SMQ and L3 system based indicators of Regional Strategy for Key Leadership Result Area #1 at national and regional levels

1. Detail work plan on provision of support, draft Regulation of Women's Counselling Center under the Women's Committee and Regional Authorities, TORs of staff, organogram, etc.
2. Comments and reports to the approbated child care sector reform document, action plans, M&E work plan, TOC strategies, intervention schemes, projects and inputs to the multi-year work plan 2018-19
3. Concept note on the functional review analysis of the Bodies of Guardianship and Trusteeship body with costing elements at district level. TOR and work plan for the international and national team responsible for facilitating the functional review process
4. Assessment tools (questionnaires, check lists) and brief report, including table describing functions of statutory, governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with child protection cases
5. Finalized concept note on development of digital data collection with list of indictors and specific data modules based on the results of the functional review of Guardianship and Trusteeship. Quarterly analytical reports of trends on children in child care system as a follow up to Regional Knowledge and Leadership Agenda #1
6. Review of functional responsibilities of the Bodies of Guardianship and Trusteeship with the matrix of detailed costing of current system and the cost units of introduction of social work case management
7. Inputs in training modules on social work. The list of capacity building interventions and services to families and children in need at priority regions. Progress reports on the NGO provided social work training in targeted districts
8. Assessment forms and field trip reports on the progress and issue based recommendations directed to improvement of social work academic teaching and social work related pre- and in-service courses
9. Compiled social work reports, assessment forms, evaluations. Standardized social work checklists/forms, reporting formats, referral criteria, tools and procedures, as well as social work case management guidance
10. Inputs to TORs of trainers, comments to the training modules, agenda of case management training for Guardianship and Trusteeship inspectorates, verified pre and post-questionnaires, detailed training reports
11. M&E programme plan with output and process indicators, L3 RKLA table filled with the required child care data, draft letters to State Statistic Agency and Regional Authorities

From April 2017 to February 2018 (11 months)


National consultant will work under the direct supervision of Child Protection Specialist. All interactions with national and regional partners will be facilitated by the Child Protection Officer
Requirements to the candidate
Age: n/a
Gender: Irrelevant
Residence: n/a
Education: Higher
Professional requirements Required qualifications and areas of expertise

- University degree in social sciences, a degree in social work will be an asset;
- At least 5 years of professional experience in social protection of children, social work or child protection (verified by records of work experience);
- Knowledge of national legislation related to child rights, social protection of children and families, child care, functional responsibilities of state bodies and self-governing bodies dealing with child protection in Uzbekistan;
- Experience in conducting capacity building trainings on social work for child protection front-line workers (verified by records of work experience on conducting at least two training on social work);
- Excellent presentation and communication skills (verified by records of work experience on participation in at least three events related to the issues of child protection and social work);
- Excellent written and spoken command of English and Russian; knowledge of Uzbek language will be an asset (verified by the interview);
- Previous work experience with UN Agencies (verified by records of previous work experience);

Procedures and Working Conditions:

Travel expenses (terminal expenses, DSA, air fare) will be funded by UNICEF and according to its rules and procedures


UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if deliverable(s) incomplete, not finalized or for failure to meet deadlines.

UNICEF will reserve copyright of all developed materials and own primary data collected through this assignment. The materials cannot be published or disseminated without prior written permission of UNICEF. UNICEF will be free to adapt and modify them in the future. The contractor must respect the confidentiality of the information handled during the assignment. Documents and information provided must be used only for the tasks related to these terms of reference.

The United Nations and UNICEF undertake no liability for taxes, duty or other contribution payable by the consultant on payments made under this contract. No statement of earnings will be issued by the United Nations or UNICEF to the consultant. National consultant is personally responsible for payment of all taxes related to consultancy.
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered n/a
Additional information
Additional information: Closing date for Applications:

The application should include a) cover letter explaining why they are the most suitable for this consultancy, b) financial proposal (monthly or lump sum fee with consideration of income tax expenditures) and c) personal CV and P11 including past experience in similar projects.

Applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope by close of business on 28 February 2017 to the attention of HR Assistant, UNICEF Office, 16, Sharof Rashidov Street, Tashkent. Only those who are short-listed for interviews will be notified.

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