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Press Secretary (Public Relations Manager)

Employer WIUT

Information on vacancy
Period of publication 13.02.2020 - 04.03.2020
Field of activity /
Advertising, marketing and PR / PR manager
Duties Press Secretary (Public Relations Manager) will be responsible for the development and implementation of the University's Public Relations and Corporate Communications Strategy; to manage the public profile, media relations, and corporate communication internally and externally and promote news and activities of the University to external audience.


Х To act like as a formal spokesperson and media liaison; handle press releases and requests from newspaper, radio, television reporters and online media sources.
Х To be responsible for creating and implementing the Public Relations and Corporate Communications Strategy of the University;
Х To be responsible for public relations, communications with external agencies, and coordinate public relations activities;
Х To promote the universities social contribution and corporate profile via appropriate external communications;
Х To implement and coordinate university's social media strategy, and the image and interests of university in social web sites;
Х To develop and implement PR policies and procedures
Х To develop policies and protocols for the scheduled and regular updates of existing content;
Х To manage the relationship with the mass media, stakeholders and others ensuring that the best interests of the university are represented;
Х To ensure that the university is represented in an appropriate manner with external agencies;
Х To monitor developing media relations, corporate communication externally and promote the news and activities of the University to external audience using different ways: WIUT website, WIUT fan page, other external sites, newspapers and magazines;
Х To analyze and provide reports on the effectiveness and efficiency of WIUT web presence, WIUT image and possible PR risks;
Х To develop the Universities publication as articles, news, stories and related information;
Х To be responsible for the management of Press center section and supervise the work of the Senior Officer on Public relations and External communications;
Х To carry out other duties as required in consultation with the Head of Marketing and Communications / Director of Administration;
Х To be able to respond in off-hours to handle emergencies
Requirements to the candidate
Age: Irrelevant
Gender: Irrelevant
Residence: Tashkent
Education: Higher
Professional requirements Х First degree (in Management/Journalism/corporate/external affairs and Social Sciences)
Х Be competent in English to a high standard to the equivalent of an Academic post, fluency is important both oral and written;
Х Be competent in Uzbek and Russian, with excellent oral and written skills in these languages.
Х Experience of external relations either for a similar organization or related organization;
Х Evidence of communication training and media training;
Х Evidence of some research applications;
Х Experience in PR in any organization.
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered According to the budget
Extra motivation Corporate benefit program
Additional information
Х Superior writing, speaking and editing abilities
Х Ability to conduct extensive research, absorb details quickly, process information rapidly, and be able to produce text or a verbal response swiftly and accurately
Х Innovative, with practical skills in publications
Х Ability to think strategically and creatively, able to adopt ideas and to produce practical results
Х Excellent organizational and diplomatic skills
Х A strong sense of corporate commitment to the mission and objectives of the University

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