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Academic officer - Student Performance for CPFS & Lyceum

Employer WIUT

Information on vacancy
Period of publication 18.05.2017 - 25.05.2017
Field of activity /
Science, education / Specialist
Duties Principal Responsibilities

1. To be able to analyse data on MS Excel, prepare statistical analysis such as regression, correlation tests and chi-square;
2. To be responsible for the quality, appropriateness and a range of Administrative support for enrolled Pre-University students, including WIUT Lyceum students;
3. To ensure the quality, appropriateness and range of information as indicated in the above responsibilities and context of the post;
4. To ensure that all such information is collected in a timely manner, that it complies with the policies and regulations of the University and is 'fit to publish';
5. To ensure maximum transparency in the publication of the requirements and quality of information provided to students, stakeholders, external agencies that require such information;
6. To monitor smooth operation of the systems that enable timely and accurate supply of information on academic performance for the Pre-University and Lyceum teachers, students and their parents/guardians;
7. To be responsible for the regulations and related policies of the University, the outcomes of the student feedback and stakeholder systems, the complaints process and procedure, including appeals;
8. To oversee the development of the information systems needed to support the delivery of the services, including the publication of information on the Intranet, Internet and related Official University media;
9. To support the Head of Pre-University Administration and Regional Development in conducting activities on the regional development and PR (including presentations and study tours for the regional lyceum and college directors, collecting materials for website and social media);
10. To ensure the confidentiality of the information related to the entire learning including exams and marking;
11. To work in a close collaboration with the Head of the Pre-university Department and other departments of the University (IT, Finance, Dean's Office);
12. To provide intelligence on the data relating to the process as required by the Academic Council and Executive;
13. To undertake any other duties as required by the Deputy Rector on Pre-University.
Requirements to the candidate
Age: 25-55
Gender: Irrelevant
Residence: Tashkent
Education: Higher
Professional requirements Person Specification
The appointee should be able to demonstrate the following:

Х 1st degree in an appropriate area and preferably from international university
Х English to high standard

Х Experience of administrative support, preferably in a public educational institution

Aptitudes, Abilities, Skills and Personal Qualities

Х Analytical and research skills
Х Report writing skills
Х An understanding of the need to develop systems
Х Logic and operational focus
Х Customer Awareness and Focus
Х Communication skills with a professional audience
Х Interpersonal, presentational and social skills
Х Strength of mind and absolute integrity
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered To be discussed after the interview
Extra motivation To provide support in the processing, recording and security of information on the performance of Pre-University Students including all final assessment results, their processing and logging, assessment offences and mitigating circumstances, all formal assessment arrangements and compliance to University regulations, processing and production of certificates and all issues associated with student results. This post has to ensure the integrity, accuracy and security of all information relating to Student Performance and the processing of student performance data, and that it is communicated in a timely, accurate, transparent, and comprehensive and customer focused manner. This also includes feedback and analytical reporting requirements as well as compliance to all regulatory bodies.
Additional information
Additional information: This is a crucial area that deals with sensitive and confidential data and processes, namely all data on the performance of individual students and the final/definitive outcome of their studies. It requires complete integrity, focus on accuracy and compliance to regulations coupled with a fair and reasoned judgment to ensure that all students are dealt with on an equal and reasoned basis. It is not a student facing function; it deals with the staff rather than students. The section does however need to ensure that students have access to their performance history in a customer friendly manner that enables them to have confidence in the accuracy and security of their performance.

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