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UzJobs team is ready to provide a range of services on HR consulting and outsourcing for all interested companies.

Within the framework of HR consulting we will render the following services:

HR consulting is a complex of consulting services on the issues of HR recordkeeping and document circulation, labour relations and norms of labour legislation.
HR recordkeeping evaluation
We carry out evaluation of HR recordkeeping and verify whether it corresponds to the standards of HR recordkeeping and labour legislation. With evaluation complete, we file a report on the drawbacks found and provide recommendations as to the elimination thereof.

HR officers training
We carry out individual training with HR officers. The training shall not disturb the work process. During the training, the HR officer shall be given the templates of different application forms, necessary for HR recordkeeping (orders, pleas, registration books, etc). Upon acquiring relevant skills and knowledge, the HR officer shall be provided with consultation.

Organisation of HR recordkeeping
We organise HR recordkeeping of the newly created enterprises from scratch. Thereby, a full pack of documents, required for HR recordkeeping shall be provided, and consultations on its employment made.

Internal normative documents drafting
At the request of the company, we draft internal normative documents, which regulate HR recordkeeping and staff management (regulations on structural divisions, collective agreements, rules on internal labour system, job descriptions and other organisational documents).

Within the framework of HR outsourcing, we perform the following functions:

HR outsourcing is the transfer of HR duties to another organisation.
Staff list compilation
We compile, validate and make changes in the staff list of the enterprise, taking into account the organisational structure.

The drawing up of labour contracts
We register labour relationships between employer and employee. Thus, we draft, draw up, amend, and terminate employment contracts

Personal records
We draft and manage personal records of the employees, taking into consideration the requirements of HR recordkeeping.

The management of service records
We obtain, fill up and handle service records, as well as the relevant registers.

Participation in the activities of the commission for social insurance
We gauge total work experience of the employees, thus assuring that the right for social insurance might be granted. We also register documents on partial unemployment and keep records of the meetings of the enterprise's commission for social insurance.

Organisational and administrative documentation registering
We draft and write out orders on employing and dismissing employees, granting leaves of absence, appointing business trips, etc.

HR consulting and outsourcing services are carried out by our company on a contractual basis; the cost of service is determined for each individual case, depending on the size, complexity and the execution time.

For more information, please contact our specialists by phone:
+(998 71) 236-00-55, 232-27-30, 232-27-29

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